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Network Marketing Success :
Find your perfect customer

 Network Marketing Success and how to find your perfect target prospect: 5 simple tips

If you have already established that you have a Direct Sales product that you are selling


You have decided that you want to build a blog or a website to drive business to your product and get leads


You are not sure who your target market
should be or what the subject of your blog will be yet, then this is the article for you.

Blogging or putting together a website is a fantastic way to drive leads to your business and find network marketing success ( when you find that perfect prospect) and I'll show you why.

For the purposes of this article, I will talk more about building a website rather than a blog just because that is the route I have chosen, I am more comfortable with it BUT it is good to note that you can set up
a blog as well if you so choose and get network marketing success that way too.

Ok, so whatever route you have chosen:

Network Marketing Tip #1 
Make sure you are prepared to provide good content ... often!

Whether it be a blog or a website, just be sure that your content is sparkling and engaging...

and that you add this content to your blog or website as often as you can for optimum network marketing success..

3-5 times a week if possible...

and if you are really ambitious 5-7 times a week!

Google and the search engines love to see an active website, many times it will get you ranked more highly with the search engines when they see a site that has content posted often.

  It should not be fluff but good, solid information, valuable to your readers and coming out of your love or passion for the subject.

Network Marketing Success Tip # 2 
Capture potential newsletter subscribers before they leave your site!

Wouldn't you love to not have to depend on Google to bring you your traffic?

There is a way to have your readers come back to your site again and again.


Make your readers an offer they can't refuse,

like a free e-book


a special discount

in exchange for signing up to receive your monthly, weekly or daily newsletter. 

Why is this important?

This benefits you in two ways. 

Not only do you get repeat traffic to your site every time you send out a newsletter,

which is excellent


You also get the possibility of repeat customers being exposed to your product or opportunity when they come back to your site!

I will write about this more in a future article but know this, this is one of the most valuable pieces of advice that I can give you for optimum network marketing success. 

I wish I had listened to this gem of advice a long time ago!

Network Marketing Success Tip # 3 
Find your Perfect Target Prospect


If you don't read anything else, please read this!

Your network marketing success can hinge on getting this piece of the puzzle right:

Marketing is not selling products, it is solving problems.

People don't care how much you know until .......you have solved their problem!

So if you are wondering what to write about or who to gear your website toward, then just follow this simple formula (given to me by Network Marketing guru Ray Higdon).

Establish exactly who you think your perfect target prospect is and then solve their problem!  ( I'll show you how to do this in a minute)

This should be done before you write one single word on your blog or website.

Another words, you don't want to write to just anyone. 

You want to find your niche aka your target market aka your perfect prospect and write to them!

Don't make the mistake of writing to just anyone.

Ok, so I'm kind of saying this tongue in cheek but you may have seen how, when you get set up with a Wordpress blog... the standard first blog post that Wordpress sets up for you is:

"Hello world!"

That is exactly what you don't want to say... you want to be more specific because you are not writing to a general audience, you are writing to a very specific someone ,





We'll go a little deeper.

How to identify your perfect target prospect.

No matter what industry or business you are in, you can identify your perfect customer.


Because I can almost guarantee that, if you think long and hard, there is someone who you would consider your perfect customer.

So, who is it? 

If you could choose your perfect customer what would they be like, what would their interests be?

Think about it a little and then consider this. 

This imaginary person can be your customer. 

Yes, you can make this happen. 

You can make this happen and I will show you how.

If you think that this is not possible and you would be happy to sell your product to anyone... anyone at all... just consider this. 

Sometimes, we work so hard to sell to everyone that we end up selling to .... no one.

Narrowing down your niche to a specific set of people will help you to get to know more intimately their problems and their needs and you can format your message to solve their very specific

To narrow down to your perfect target prospect, just start asking Yourself some questions and write down the answers:

1.  Who do you want to work with?

Yes, you can have some control over this!

So, who is it? 

Is it:

Young moms

Retired people

Teaching professionals


Personal trainers

Working moms


Corporate executives,

I could go on and on...

2. Who do you feel like you either connect with or would like to connect with?

3. Who do you like to talk to?

4. Who do you feel that you have most in common with?

5. If you could choose what type of person to work with for the rest of your life, who would it be?

6. Who do you feel would most benefit from the knowledge you have to impart?

As you are working this out in your head, a person might start to take shape in your mind...

keep going with that. 

And if you can take it a step further, see if this person that you are
starting to see clearly as your target prospect is someone that you actually know!

Does that mean that you are going to approach this person and start pitching your opportunity on them?


But it does mean that you will start writing pieces for your blog or website with this person in mind....

Imagine this person in front of you and imagine talking to this person.

Is it your mom, your neighbor, a co worker, your best friend, someone from church, a sibling... who is it?

Consider that you are writing to them and for them.

Let's take it a little further...

Take your network marketing success to the next level: 

Start to identify your target customer even more:

What do they do for a living?

What do they like to do in their spare time?

What sorts of books do they read?

What problems do they have?

How could you solve their problems?

I'll give you an example.  When I started writing my website, I had a specific person in mind that I was writing to. 

I had many of my friends ask me how to find companies that would allow
them to work from home but I had one specific friend that I talked to all the time.

She was a stay at home mom but had a college degree and a lot of experience in the working world as a professional in Human Resources before deciding to stay at home.

She did not want to work a lot.

  She just wanted to have a little extra money to buy a few extra things around the house but she wanted to earn extra money with a job that would allow her to have a crazy amount of flexibility.

I started writing my site to help solve HER problem.

And over the years, I've expanded my website a bit and broadened my perfect target customer but really, it has largely remained the same and that is who I am writing for. Still.

I'll give you another example and this is not personal to me but to another person I know who was in the Health and Wellness Industry. 

As you may know, that is a huuge industry, very broad, 
very hard to get noticed and hard to declare that network marketing success has been achieved in this niche.

It was imperative for this person to narrow down their niche or target prospect, otherwise, they were going to sink and sink fast!

Ok so this person decided that they were going to go with the sub niche of gluten free foods as well as supplements that could help help digest foods that were NOT gluten free

(for when they had cheat days because everyone's gotta have a cheat day, right?)

Gluten free is now a very broad niche so they decided to narrow it down even further to stay at home moms who had children with food intolerances and/or food allergies.

They have recipes with gluten free foods that they sell and supplements that help round out their diet.

So this person:

1.  Identified who they wanted to work with

2.  Figured out what their needs/problems were

3.  Found a way to solve their problem!

So now once you have in mind the subject that you wish to write about and the person that you imagine in your mind you are writing to.... you are on the right track to network marketing success.

Spend time getting this right so that

#1  You will ENJOY writing articles for your blog

#2. You will actually have TRAFFIC to your blog!  

By the way, it's the kind of  targeted traffic that you want..( your perfect customer) it's people who are attracted to your message because you are speaking right to them!

Network Marketing Success Tip #4
If you want to deepen your understanding of your target prospect and achieve ever greater network marketing success, start putting yourself in their shoes.

By this I mean, start thinking of where they hang out.

Do you think they are Facebook people,

do they hang out on message boards? 

What kinds of books do they read? 

Go to Amazon, look at your niche and conduct some research. 

What are the titles of the best selling books in your niche? 

Read those books! 

Find out what your perfect target prospect wants and deliver that to them!

Network Marketing Success Tip # 5 
Don't be afraid of the competition

If there are lots of other successful blogs in your niche on the internet, that's good news! 

Don't get intimidated by this!

 All this means is that there is a market for what you are selling.

  And there is always room for one more website, especially if the content is engaging and solves the problems of its readers!

And I'll tell you one other thing. 

Two people can start out publishing a blog or website on the exact same topic and come out with two completely different products because:

They will find their own spin on the subject , which will come from their own experiences.

So that is why two people can put up a work at home website and one can focus on customer service jobs 

(because that is what they know)


The other person can focus on work at home busineses,

(because that is what they know or connect to best!)

See how that works?

My point is, don't worry about fitting into some cookie cutter mold because that is not what will draw people to your website.

Your knowledge, passion and unique perspective on the subject is what will have people coming back again and again.

There's a lot more to go over if you want to put up a website or a blog but this is really a good start and really the foundation of getting things started off right.

More to come in the future.... but for now... you've got some work to do.  Go out and identify your perfect customer!  =)

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