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My e-book review of :
The Fiverr Work Week
by: Adam Rockwell

This week's e-book is review is for :

The Fiverr Work Week: Make A Full-Time Income With Only An Internet Connection & Free Google Docs Account by: Adam Rockwell

I apologize for not writing any reviews in quite a while. 

If I am to be totally honest, I have been reading e-books like crazy (In case you didn't know, I love to read and sometimes devour a book in the space of one day).

The problem that I have had lately is that I have been completely disappointed in the books that I have been reading lately.

I don't consider myself to be uber picky but I haven't felt comfortable enough to recommend any books to you all. 

Truly, I know that I can be honest in my reviews, and I am, but I also draw the line at totally trashing someone's book, because, whether I like it or not, these books come from the author's blood, sweat and tears.

I'm just not made to totally trash someone's work, I always like to find some good in everything, (maybe that is not a good thing) but it's who I am.

....And let's say, with some of the books that I have read lately, I was not able to find one good thing to say about them. 

I know, harsh right?

Well, that is not the case with this book.

I found that this book, titled:  The Fiverr Work Week by Adam Rockwell

gives solid information on Fiverr. 

What is Fiverr, you may ask?

Fiverr is a website that allows entrepeneurs to post jobs, just about any type of job that they will do for someone ... for five dollars.

That's it.  Simple, right?  But... just how does one make any kind of real money doing this?

That's where Adam steps in.

I really love how this book gives info on the entire Fiverr process for aspiring entrepeneurs.    Adam gives really great details, step by step: starting with signup and then continuing on with the following:

What kind of username to pick

How to set up your profile

What to write to make your profile just right

How much money you can expect to make (I love how realistic he is here )

How to get "gigs"

How to deliver  your gigs to your clients

How to deal with problem customers

How to keep your feedback high

I really liked how he had a lot of great info, there is no "fluff in this book, it is really packed with great how-to instruction.

The other thing he talks about?  How to expand beyond the $5 gigs by including "extras" that you can charge more money more  (for example, having a turnaround time of 24 hours), this is really the way many people make their money on Fiverr and he talks all about that.

E Book review of the Fiverr work week
My Take:

You know how sometimes you read how-to books but you feel like the author  is not giving you the their best secrets, or they're telling you just enough, but not really giving you the detail that you need?

  I didn't feel that with this book. 

It's not perfect, and it is a book for beginners, but i was pleased with the time spent reading this, it was worth my while,

I really liked this book and recommend it to those beginners who want to know what Fiverr is all about and how to be successful with it..

Kudos to the author, he did a great job.  For what it's worth, I give this book a big Thumbs up.

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