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E-Book-Review of Matt Bernstein's : How to Make Money with no Money

This is the first of many e-book reviews that I will be posting related to working from home.  This particular  book is written by Matt Bernstein and is selling on Amazon for .99.

The title of the book is:

Selling on eBay: How I Made $2,000 A Month With No Inventory: Learn How to Get Money Fast and Earn an Extra $24,000 a Year Selling on eBay and Spend No Money Upfront on Inventory

I like to sell on eBay and by no means do I think that I've figured it all out so, I thought I would pick this book up to see if I could gather any little gems of information that could help my eBay business. 

(And for .99, the price was right!)  

Here are  my thoughts on whether this book is worth your while:

Topic of the e-book

The author of this book states that he made $24,000 in a year by drop-shipping on eBay and his goal is to teach us how to do the same.

Included in the book is a definition of the drop-shipping business model and details on how he believes it can be a great work-at-home business for those who don't have a lot of money to start a business.

Does this book give readers solid information?

Included in the book is good step-by-step information with links to You Tube videos, meant for readers to follow along, as the author explains the basics of:

How to get set up on eBay

How to set up a Paypal account


How to get a Tax id number (EIN)  for your drop-shipping business.

One part I really enjoyed reading over was the author's method on how to find which items are selling on eBay the most (thus pointing us to which items we as sellers should focus on selling).

I found this part of the book to be excellent, very detailed and precise and easy to replicate as well.

I also loved how the author gave solid, detailed examples of what to say to wholesale manufacturers, once you have found them, in order to sell their product online.

If there is one thing that I wish he would have expanded on, it would be how to find wholesale manufacturers.

He alluded to doing some research  on your own (which is probably just doing a simple Google search) but it would have been fantastic to get detailed info on that as well. 

However, I realize and understand that you can't fit it all in a book and besides, it is probably not something that can be adequately taught.

Does this book solve the problem that it sets out to solve?

I think this book is a great beginner book for those who are trying to find a way to build a lucrative business without a huge investment upfront. 

There is a steep learning curve in this type of business and, while more information may be needed, this book fills out the outlines or broad strokes of what you will need in order to start down this path of drop-shipping.

So yes, I think this book is great in terms of giving anyone a great idea and legitimate idea to pursue drop shipping as a business.

Some really clever people may be able to take this information and run with it, but if you're anything like me, you might need just a little more info to get started.

Can this book help anyone make an income from home?

I think this book is easy to follow, explains the topic of drop-shipping pretty well and is easily adaptable to anyone's life situation.

Anotherwords, it can be done on a part-time basis if you are already working full time.  It may be a great business idea for a stay at home mom or dad and it can be done from anywhere in the world, all that's needed is a laptop and internet connectivity. 

No special skills are needed and as long as you feel comfortable selling on eBay, then yes , this is certainly a book that can help just about anyone make an income from home.

Would I recommend this book?

I give this book a thumbs up!

My opinion is that this e-book is a good resource to anyone who is trying to learn the basics of how to start a drop-shipping business

Plus I think it gives great value at that price point of .99.

What do you think? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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