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Welcome to Finding Work at Home!

Maybe you are a stay at home mom who's looking for a little extra income.


Perhaps you are looking for full time work but with the flexibility that working from home will afford you.

Whatever the case may be, the good news is that the odds of you  finding a work at home job these days are pretty good!

I'll show you where to look:

There are many different varieties of home based work in the U.S.  Below are some of the most popular:

Home Based Call Center Work

Imagine working as a call center representative from the comfort of your own home!  Many of these jobs are flexible, paying anywhere from $8-$30 an hour based on experience.  Many of these companies hire virtual workers as independent contractors ( which basically means you are self employed and responsible for setting aside your own taxes)  however, there are some who do hire representatives to work as employees.  You will find that all companies require a quiet working space, a reliable PC with high speed internet access and a corded phone and phone headset.

Find a list of at home companies that hire call center representatives here.

Tutoring Jobs from home

There are many stay at home moms and dads, not to mention those who are retired, who have a background in education.  There is quite a need for professionals who have a background in education to work at home as tutors.  Some companies require little experience ( though they may require that you have a degree or are currently obtaining your degree)  and other companies are looking for highly educated professionals who can teach specific subject matter.  This type of work at home opportunity may be a great way to make some extra money on the side without having to work full time.

Work at home as a tutor, find companies that are hiring.

Transcription Work at home Companies

For those of you who can type very quickly, have a good ear for different accents and dialects and enjoy working from the comfort of home, I present work at home jobs in the area of transcription. 

There are opportunities for many, whether you are an entry level transcriber or you have experience in specialized transcription such as legal or medical transcription. 

Pay can vary based on experience.  For more information:

Check out my list of legitimate virtual transcription companies here.

Work at home in the area of Courthouse Research

While working as a courthouse researcher may not officially be classified as a "work at home" opportunity, it does allow for a very flexible schedule, indeed you can choose the hours you wish to work. 

Most companies do not have an hourly requirement that you must fulfill, instead, the job mostly involves getting a set number of records documented  (and it is to your benefit that you get them recorded as quickly as possible for a better paycheck). 

Pay varies from minimum wage to upwards of $15 + per hour, again, depending on how fast you type.

Find companies that hire courthouse researchers here.

Telephonic Work at Home Jobs for Nurses

Did you know that there is even a work at home niche available for nurses?  There are companies who hire nurses to work in what is called "telephonic triage" whether for private clinics, doctor's offices or other companies. 

McKesson is one such company and United Health Group is another.  As well, there are many other companies that are on the hunt for highly skilled and experienced nurses to work in managerial areas such as clinical case management.

Here is a list of legitimate companies

Specialty Work for Professionals

It would have never crossed my mind before I worked from home how many jobs can be done from the comfort of home.   While not all jobs are suited for virtual work, there are some that fit in the virtual world quite nicely.

Take for example, the work that an accountant performs.  Is it typically performed in an office setting....Yes.... but... as long as the appropriate equipment is available in your home, it can absolutely be a telecommuting job!

The same goes for the work that a language translator performs.  Except for those clients that are in need of a translator that can physically be by their side, much of the work of a translator can be performed from a home office whether it be by phone or computer. 

Home based work in accounting

Find virtual work in translation

Freelance Work from home

There are job boards out there that are simply teeming with available work for people with the right qualifications.

It takes time on your part but why not check out the free job boards that are out there.

There are so many that I can't even adequately describe the many types of jobs that are out there.   But suffice it to say, if you are looking to make just a few extra dollars, or a few extra hundred dollars, these job boards are the place to look :

Find a list of the free job boards here.

Make a little Supplemental Income

Maybe you don't want to spend a whole lot of time searching the free job boards for the perfect project but you would still like to make a little extra money on the side... no problem. 

Check out my list of 14 ideas that can get you some extra cash in your pocket:

Supplemental Income Ideas

Mystery Shopping

So, who doesn't love to shop?  ( Well, my husband doesn't unless it involves going to Home Depot!)

Ok, so for the rest of us, we love to shop!  And it's an even sweeter deal when we get paid to shop!

I know many of you might think that mystery shopping is a scam and the truth is, you do have to be very careful but....

what if I gave you a list of over 25 legitimate Mystery shopping companies certified to be legitimate by the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Provider's Association)?

Check out my list of legitimate shopping companies and some tricks and tips to make mystery shopping a fabulous experience for you!

Online Surveys

Yes, I admit it, online surveys are low paying and perhaps not worth anyone's time . 

But there are some companies that are legitimate and I show you which ones are legitimate here.

So, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite cup of tea and sit and have a look around , I think you will be amazed at the amount of jobs that are out there, just waiting to hire people like you.

Speaking of which, this website is a work in progress so make sure to check back in from time to time for all the newest updates!

Wondering how best to navigate through this site?

No problem!

  • To see the newest updates, look to the top left of the website navigation bar for the "Home Jobs Blog" tab, click on that and you will see the newest pages added to this site.
  • Below that, within the navigation bar, you will see tabs that will lead you to pages that contain more information on specific work at home companies. You will find background information on each company as well as details such as employee requirements and the pay scale.

  • At the bottom of each page, you will find an opportunity for you to post comments or even ask questions about each company. If you work for one of these companies, I invite you to post your experience, (whether good or bad!) so that others can benefit from your experience and advice! I truly believe that by helping one another, we can all go further and get a little closer to finding the jobs and lives we desire! (One note, please don't post your Network Marketing link in the comments.)

  • One more thing, on the right column of my page, you will find not only links to some of my other pages on my site that may interest you but you may also see links to books or services that I have either found helpful in the past or others close to me have. Because I wish to be transparent with you, I wish to let you know that if you order any products through this site, I will get a small percentage of the purchase price. Of course you do not have to buy anything through this site, but if you do, I just wanted you to know this. =)

A little info on me:

I am a mom who happens to work from home for one of the companies listed on this site (and I love it by the way!).

After my years of research into finding the perfect work at home job for me (and many friends asking me to direct them to the legitimate work at home companies out there) I decided to put together a simple and easy list of legitimate work at home opportunities and post it in one easy location.

For more, stop by my "about me" page. Simply click here.

My hope is to save you a lot of time and even money by directing you to real companies hiring people like you and me.

If you liked this page, do me a favor and click on the like button below and post a comment! We'd love to hear from you!

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